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Parse-O-Matic Enterprise

Parse-O-Matic Enterpriseis our high-end licensing solution for our business and government clients.  

Parse-O-Matic Enterprise contains all the power commands from our Free and Basic Editions, as well as the features in Parse-O-Matic Business, including:

Bookmark, Calc, CalcReal, Call/Procedure/Exit, CompareCTRL, FindPosn, Insert, Lookup/File/OutFile, MassChange, Overlay, Parse, Que, ReadEOF, ReadFor, ReadNext, ReadUntil/Rewind, Rounding, ScanPosn, SetFromFile and SplitCSV.

In addition, Parse-O-Matic Enterprise has no limit on the input file size limit instead of the 1TB limit found in Parse-O-Matic Business.

Parse-O-Matic Enterprise also has the ability to launch solutions from the Task Scheduler or from a batch file.  This allows scripts to be launched unattended, such as on a server or from another application.

Furthermore, Parse-O-Matic Enterprise supports Deployables™, which are stand-alone parsing solutions that you create with Parse-O-Matic Enterprise.  Deployables do not require an additional license, when deployed within your organization.


Parse-O-Matic Enterprise is sold as a one-time flat licensing fee, with an annual service renewal component. 

The one-time flat license is priced at $1,995.00 and includes one year of upgrades and maintenance releases.  

If you wish to continue receiving upgrades and maintenance fixes after the first year, the current annual service renewal is $399.00.

To purchase, a single-user, Data Parse Enterprise license, using your credit card, click to visit our store.


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Multiple Users and Quantity Discounts  
Please contact your Parse-O-Matic sales representative for more information on quantity discounts for Parse-O-Matic Enterprise.

Additional Ordering Options

Check: If paying by check, please remit payment to the address found on the Contact Us page.

Purchase Order: We accept Purchase Orders from: Fortune 1000 companies; government offices; registered charities; certified educational institutions; and established customers in good standing. Purchase orders should be mailed to our offices at the address listed on the Contact Us page.
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