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Purchase a Parse-O-Matic License

Thank-you for deciding to purchase a Parse-O-Matic license and for your support.

Please select the edition of Parse-O-matic license your wish to purchase below.

A quick comparison chart of the various editions is listed below.

  Free Basic Business Enter
Integrated Development Environment x x x x
Lifetime license for that version x x x x
Basic 30 commands x x x x
Advanced commands   x x x
Binary commands     x x
Script encryption option     x x
Database connectivity (ODBC)     x x
Run from Task Scheduler or batch file     x x
"Deployables" (stand alone parsing solutions)       x
Maximum file size 10MB 1GB 1TB None
Upgrades n/a 1 year 1 year 1 year  

Please select which Edition you wish to purchase:

Parse-O-Matic Parse-O-Matic Parse-O-Matic






Are you a developer or programmer? Write your own parsing scripts with Parse-O-Matic Free, Basic, Business or Enterprise.
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