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Privacy Policy
The informal answer:
We have been in the technology consulting for many, many years, so we have been party to gigabytes and gigabytes of confidential information. We guard it as jealously as if it was our own.

The formal answer:
We do not require registration to use this web site. In some cases we are able to determine how a visitor arrives at our site, but the only information this reveals is the IP address, originating web page and search term, if any.

We do advertise using Yahoo and Google. Both of these companies may use cookies. This helps us determine which ads are more successful than others. It also lets us look at our website to determine which pages are viewed and which ones aren't as popular. We don't send either of these companies your name or email address. You're certainly welcome to not accept their cookies if you'd rather not participate.

Information garnered from incoming email (e.g. email address) is considered company confidential. We do not engage in unsolicited bulk mailing. In rare cases we may broadcast to our clients, but this is done only in exceptional circumstances.

If you submitted your email address as part of the download process, we may email you information on bug fixes, or new product releases.  Historically, this has meant less than three email per year.  In any case, you can always unsubscribe.

We do not share client contact information with anyone except subcontractors who have a legitimate need to know. We do not give out contact information to potential clients asking for references. While this would be to our advantage (since we have so many satisfied customers), we do not impose upon them in this manner. We nonetheless reserve the right to publish any non-confidential material sent to us via email; in such case will we remove any clearly identifying information unless we have permission to retain it in the republication (e.g. testimonials). We do not divulge any non-public information we obtain about clients and visitors to our web site, with the following exceptions: (1) We will comply with requests for information if we are compelled to do so by law enforcement officials who possess the authority to make such demands; (2) We do publish the company or organization names of some of our clients; (3) We reserve the right to forward information pertaining to technologically debilitating activity (e.g. spamming), denial of service, or illegal activity (e.g. scams).

Products Features and Specifications
Our products' features and specifications are subject to change without notice.  While we endeavor to have our products work exactly as advertised, we cannot be held responsible for the vast array of end-user environments that exist and that may affect the performance of our applications and services.

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