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If you prefer to create your own parsing application, you can obtain our Parse-O-Matic Free Edition.  Our Free Edition offers individuals a powerful suite of 30 commands, interactive development environment and script debugger that allows you to solve many common parsing challenges.

Almost everything you need to write your own parsing scripts is included with the Parse-O-Matic Free Edition.  To see what a script looks like, click here — a new window will open.

Some of our users tell us that Parse-O-Matic technology has saved them hundreds of hours and untold dollars.


System Requirements are Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and 80 megabytes of free disk space. Current version number is 5.00.15

(Windows XP and Windows Server 2000 versions still avaialble for our Government clients. Email us for more details.)

Here is a more detailed explanation...

Is your file in the wrong format? Instead of rekeying it, reformat it with Parse-O-Matic Free Edition — a flexible, programmable data file converter. Avoid the frustrating restrictions of "point and click" converters that almost do the job; with the Parse-O-Matic Free Edition, your scripts tell the program precisely what you want to do.

Sample applications: Edit a text file automatically. Copy valid data; repair or skip bad data. Rearrange a print file. Expedite migration of legacy systems. Export a comma-separated-value (CSV) file for import to a database (such as Access, SQL Server, FileMaker, Oracle, Paradox, ODBC) or a spreadsheet table (Excel, Calc, Quattro). Select and correct data from a mailing or customer list (first name, last name, street address, city, phone number and so on). Generate mail merge sets. Modify character strings into uppercase, lowercase or mixed case. Calculate totals up to 18 digits long.

Planning a data warehouse system? You can split or reorganize files per your specification (regular expressions supported), or mine printed reports for essential information.

Input formats: Read, extract, analyze and reorganize data fields from flat files such as: text (ASCII from Windows, Unix/Linux or Mac, EBCDIC from a mainframe, plus log files from web servers, process control devices and scientific instruments); binary ("hex"); fixed length and variable length records; tab/null/comma-delimited; Windows clipboard.

Working with large files? The Parse-O-Matic Free Edition can convert, filter and transform files of almost any size. If you have enough room on your hard disk to copy it, then you can probably parse it.

Output formats: Almost any record or file format, including HTML and XML. You can also write text to the Windows clipboard so it can be directly pasted into other applications.

Includes: Sample scripts and printable help. Runs from the standard interface (with a built-in file browser), or via a batch file, the command line, a shortcut, or from a task scheduler for unattended operation.

Pricing: Parse-O-Matic Free Edition is "freeware" and includes commands for basic conversion functions (more than 30 commands); Included in the Free Edition is the ability to trial our Basic Edition for 30 days.  After 30 days, your trial ends and you may continue to use the Free Edition functionality.  

The main "Parsing Parameters" window is uncluttered, yet it lets you specify all of the important settings in one place:

Click to view full-size in a new window

The Parse-O-Matic Free Edition comes with a detailed user manual of more than 100 pages, plus sample scripts and input files. If you would like to view a recent version of the user manual, click here to open a new window.

If you can write a DOS batch file, or if you've written spreadsheet or database macros, you probably have the level of programming skill needed to create your own parsing scripts.

Freeware Terms
The Parse-O-Matic Free Edition can be used free of charge for many applications and is distributed as freeware.  Certain advanced commands require the Parse-O-Matic Basic Edition

Sound Too Complicated?
If all the above sounds a bit more than you'd like to try yourself, let us do the work.  Send us an email or fill out the our online request form and we'll take it from there.

Are you a developer or programmer? Write your own parsing scripts with Parse-O-Matic Free, Basic, Business or Enterprise.
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