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Parse-O-Matic is our parsing technology, created specifically to handle todays parsing challenges.

Parse-O-MaticOur Free Edition offers you a powerful suite of 30 commands, interactive development environment and script debugger that allows you to solve many common parsing challenges.

Parse-O-MaticThe Basic Edition of Parse-O-Matic lets you access advanced scripting capabilities that aren’t available in our Free Edition. These additional features allow you to handle tougher file conversion needs with access to additional script commands and features.

Parse-O-MaticA terrific solution for businesses that need to handle conversions of files up to 1 TB in size, Parse-O-Matic Business adds binary command support, ability for automation with the ability to launch as a scheduled task or command-line and more.

Parse-O-MaticOur most advanced version of Parse-O-Matic, Enterprise, offers all the features of Parse-O-Matic Business, plus has the ability to deploy an unlimited number of stand-alone solutions thoughout your organization.  You can tackle even the largest and most complex data conversion projects with confidence and ease.

Parse-O-MaticData file conversion can be tedious and involved. As such, most of our clients ask us to perform all the analysis and scripting for their conversion projects. If you fit this description, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.
Are you a developer or programmer? Write your own parsing scripts with Parse-O-Matic Free, Basic, Business or Enterprise.
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