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Some of Pinnacle Software's customers write to tell how pleased they are with the Parse-O-Matic software...

Chris Friedli, McDonald's Switzerland
“Parse-O-Matic is absolutely great. I use it when I collect data from the McDonald's restaurants in Switzerland. POM has paid for itself so many times...“

Sergio Sardo, Migra Software Evolution
“... one of the best tool I've ever used in my jobs.”

R. Brooker
“Parse-O-Matic is a wonderful time saver .... Each report that I can convert from our ... accounting system saves our company about 500 staff hours per year.”

Koenraad Rutgers, G.D.C. Ltd
“In 30 years of working with computers, this is by far the easiest way I have found to extract data from files.”

Milt Kahl, Yale University Press
“Love the look and feel of the [Parse-O-Matic Power Tool]. I have been a long time user of Parse-O-Matic. It has never failed to do what I need to get done.”

Jeff Tallent, Vestax Securities
“Parse-O-Matic is the greatest parsing package .... I wrote my own software for parsing ... then I was introduced to POM and have been using it ever since.”

Raymond Greenlees...
you have the greatest program for data extraction that I have ever seen or used. Your program has been a real lifesaver and an invaluable tool. Anyone who has to deal with data extraction needs this program in their arsenal. Thank you for a product that actually works ... and it works tremendously well.

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