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A "data file" (as we use the term) is a computer file that contains assorted types of information. A data file is not something like a graphic image or an audio stream; data files almost always contain some text.

To put this in technical terms, by "data files" we mean ASCII flat files, though we can also convert EBCDIC, raw binary data, many databases, even Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.
Here are a few examples of data files:

A printed report saved as a file
Comma separated value (CSV) data exported  from a spreadsheet or database
Text, HTML or XML captured from your company's email or web site
A web server or firewall TCP/IP security log
Raw statistics from a process control device or a scientific instrument

To convert the data file... it is read and interpreted, then a new output file is created. The conversion process can edit and replace certain items of data, remove others, make calculations, move things around, and so on.

People request our services when they have a file that is wrong format for their requirements. As data file conversion specialists, we can help you.

Until the day arrives when every program can understand every other program, there will be a need for data file conversion.

Examples of Data File Conversion

Here are a few examples of data file problems we have solved for clients:

Change data from an outmoded cash register to a format that can be imported into spreadsheets
Convert billing information to ANSI X12 EDI standard and proprietary formats
Decode EBCDIC financial databases from an IBM mainframe and produce ASCII files that can be read by Windows applications
Correct a file produced by a real estate program that cannot export in proper comma delimited format
Convert banking data from SWIFT MT103 and MT202 to CSV (Comma Separated Value) format
Extract information from reports generated by an old ("legacy") accounting system for transfer into a new one
Transform sales prospect information from several sources (all using slightly different standards) into a database import file
Modify columnar text about racehorses for a dedicated program with an unusual import data structure
Filter a vehicle database to remove data records that are corrupted or incomplete
Create NACHA ACH format transmission files from Receivables and Payables information in a database
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